Friday, September 2, 2022

My Daily Environmental Journal - my 100 day journey to save the Earth. - Get Started Today on YOUR JOURNEY!

The Science of creating a 2nd Sun in our skies - It's not just science fiction any more!

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Whenever a TRULY NEW and unique IDEA comes around - most of us think of it as 'CRAZY' or the author as 'ECCENTRIC' - UNTIL the day when the light bulb goes on and everyone gets it at once- THEN - it becomes 'TRUTH'.  

 It's time to begin the effort to turn the Earth away from mass extinction in your life.

I've been struggling for years now about how to recruit the energies of nearly every man, woman and child on the Earth into a huge cooperative effort where we actually have a chance to save the Earth.  Things are bad enough now, look at the state of Mississippi now without drinking water.  Pakistan now almost totally under water.  Next, we will see huge swaths of humanity that are not able to find food.  Next we will find more and more of us suffocating from lack of oxygen because all of the trees have been burned or chopped down for lumber and the oceans poisoned so that all the plankton is gone.

When will you JOIN THE millions who are trying to have an impact.  We must number in the BILLIONS and it has to be soon.  

The way that came to me in a huge epiphany the other day is to help people think about something they can do EVERY DAY by making notes in their own Earth Journal.

SO - here it is.  You can get your Earth Journal started today.  YOU MUST START TODAY - don't wait until tomorrow because soon we will run out of Tomorrows.



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